Matthias Lenardt Voice

How amazing is that?

Millions of viewers and listeners have enjoyed my voice on radio, television and the internet.

It makes me grateful that people all around the world are inspired through my voice in narrations, videos and presentations and follow these topics with enthusiasm.

As a professional speaker for more than 35 years, I look forward to giving you my "best words" and bringing your or your clients' texts to life.

Choose a high-quality voice over for the narration of your products and services with a good mix of pleasant, smooth, calm or masculine and powerful.

Wouldn't it be a success to have your projects presented with a sound that gets under people's skin?

For websites, YouTube, advertising, videos, podcasts, e-books, films, audio books, electronically supported learning (e-learning) etc..

Customers do not only have eyes, but also ears:
'The sound makes the music' and the sound goes straight to the heart.

Where can I support you?
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